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4 August 2009

Paulo Nozolino, Rencontres d’Arles 2009


A man stands in the middle of destruction, feeling lonely to an unbelievable degree, bone lonely.

He makes deaf images during his blind walks. Dwelling with thoughts about the loss in all conflicts, the feeling that all systems fail and the certainty that nothing lasts forever. He wonders what light shines in loneliness, what sounds come out of a moving body, what can fill the absence. He has no answers. He sees silent panic, he hears reports on people, he smells the mould, he feels the flesh ageing and he tastes the dry saliva in his mouth. There seems to be no escape. He has a word pounding inside his head: resist, resistbone lonely.

Paulo Nozolino


Paulo Nozolino only makes black and white photographs and they are dominated by an impossible darkness that seems impenetrable to light. The photographs were made all over the world—notably in countries of the Arab world—but in the majority of cases it would be difficult to attribute a specific location to any of his images. Photographs from Auschwitz are the exception. Auschwitz is the absolute place and time that orientates everything else.

In the 30 years of his career as a photographer, Nozolino has constantly intensified his tragic vision in pictures that originate from his own history; in pictures of men, women and children; in pictures of birth, lovemaking and death.

This exhibition assembles photographs from Nozolino’s different projects over the years to form a new narrative, untold until now: the narrative of beginning and ending, and at the same time the narrative of his life’s work.

Paulo Nozolino is represented by Galeriea Quadrado Azul, Lisboa.

Original sound : Dominique Besson

Realisation : Valéry Faidherbe and Olivier Koechlin

Executive producer Le Tambour qui parle.

Exhibition venue: Atelier de Forges, Rencontres d’Arles 2009.