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PORTRAIT-LEIMDORFERBorn in Paris in 1964, where he lives and works. 

I discovered my passion for photography in 1979. My parents advised me to pass my school-leaving exams before doing anything else, then suggested I go to university as well. Having displayed some goodwill, and got a degree, I began working for AFP in 1988. Working as a freelance photo-reporter, I learnt my trade by covering the news and listening to my elders. In 1992 I joined the REA agency, learning illustration photography and how to do “magazine reports”. I contributed, among many other titles, to: Time, Fig Mag, Grand Reportage and Capital. 

In 1999, I decided my apprenticeship was over and that, after practising all my scales, it was time to go out and write my own music, find my freedom… and tell my own stories. In 2001, I joined the Rapho agency to continue a project I had started on France and its myths (the Nationale 7 road between Paris and the Riviera, the Tour de France, the accordion, the Normandy Landings beaches, etc.). That has given me fresh impetus to explore new horizons (Mediterranean), new formats (4×5 inch, SX70 polaroid and 6×6), and new themes (childhood).

Gilles Leimdorfer presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2006: What’s left…? at the Atelier des Forges. He also took part in the collective exhibitions Madame la Présidente (2007) at the Magasin Electrique and France 14 (2010) at the abbaye de Montmajour.